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The only exercise resistance bands designed for use on a standup paddleboard (SUP) with your SUP paddle. If you're already doing SUP yoga, SUP pilates, or other SUP fitness workouts, Suploops will dramatically expand your workout options. No band attachment points required!

TONE YOUR BODY - Studies have shown resistance bands are superior for muscle toning and fat reduction, compared to other forms of resistance training. And they are generally regarded to have lower joint/tendon injury rates than free weights or machines.

BURN MORE CALORIES - Every exercise you do will engage muscles throughout your entire body to maintain equilibrium on the dynamic surface of the SUP. You'll also have more isometric engagement using your own body as the band anchor point. More muscle firing equals more calories burned.

STABILIZE YOUR BODY - The many stabilizer muscles that help primary muscles move safely, and the proprioceptors critical to balance and coordination, all have to work harder to maintain equilibrium on the dynamic surface of the SUP. Think of it as preventative medicine for falls, sprains, and muscle strains. 

Hit the waves and simulate the muscle-building, fat-burning effects of Stand Up Paddleboarding in the comfort of your own home with Suploops and Juvo Board. Thanks to Shauna Smith Yates of The Bodysmith Pilates studio and

  • Set of 5 bands in 10, 15, 20, 30, and 50 lb weights

  • Easily attaches to your paddle to perform a wide variety of resistance exercises

  • Bands may be used singly or combined for 13+ weight levels from 10 to 80+ lbs. For example, the Black 30 lb band combined with the Yellow 10 lb band equals a 40 lb band

  • Leave multiple bands attached to paddle to easily switch between resistance levels

  • Durable latex tubing with reinforced self-loop ends and UV-resistant coatings

  • Soft end loops simply slide onto paddle in any position desired, no hardware to mar your board, paddle, or you

  • You can paddle normally when needed while leaving the bands attached to the paddle

  • Bands can double as a paddle leash or paddle sling and float if dropped in water

  • Entire set weighs less than 16 ounces

  • Use them on land! When using indoors we recommend a length of 1" wooden dowel rod or PVC pipe

  • Many exercises can be performed prone, seated, kneeling, or standing, depending upon your needs or comfort level

  • Includes nylon drawstring carry/storage bag and mobile-optimized exercise guide developed by a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified fitness trainer

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