Suprudder maneuvering in boulder-strewn waters.


The only portable, remote-controlled, patent-pending rudder system designed for positive steering of standup paddleboards (SUP). Maintain symmetry in your workout on windy days, maneuver in tight quarters like never before, use it on any board, anywhere. Travel in a straight line or turn on a're in control, no matter what the wind says.

Why would I need a rudder?

Sure, everyone should learn proper paddling and foot positioning techniques to turn a paddleboard, but there are many situations where a rudder is very desirable:

  • paddling for fitness in windy conditions when your focus should be maintaining a symmetrical workout, not fighting just to maintain a desired course
  • paddling with pets or children where moving about the board, or continuous paddle transitions, can be inconvenient or dangerous
  • paddling with cargo loads where increased surface area makes you more susceptible to side winds, and there is decreased room for moving back on the board to turn sharply
  • maintaining orientation or course when one or both hands are needed for other things, such as photography, bird-watching, fishing, etc.
  • increasing control and maneuverability when injuries or conditions impede bilateral paddling
  • turn quickly to avoid hazards: maneuver around rocks and logs in rivers, turn into boat wakes, dodge other paddleboarders in crowded areas, 
  • assisting children in maneuvering by attaching the remote to your paddle: increase safety, reduce frustration, and lets them (and you!) focus on fun rather than becoming frustrated